This is a sampling of our regular coffees.  Our supplier, Silver Bridge Coffee, has many seasonal coffees which we carry when available. 
  • Columbian - It is in a dark roast for those of you that like a smokier taste. 
  • Silver Bridge Blend - Their Signature blend - dark roast Indonesian & lighter roast African coffee.
  • Unicorn Blend - Our signature Blend.   Yirgacheffe and Sumatran are blended for a great dark coffee.
All flavorings are solvent free
  • Highlander Grogg - Rustic, assertive character, and aroma of Scottish Brandy flavors.
  • Jamaican Me Crazy - Arabica beans - Kailua, caramel and hazelnut.
  • Southern Pecan - A thick slice of pecan pie & a rich cup of java.