At Unicorn Wine Guild we offer a variety of wine for tasting  by the sample, glass, bottle, or case from a selection of wines made from juices imported from around the world. 
Alcohol Range: 11-13% by Volume
  • Uccello Rosso - Stag’s Leap AVA Merlot - Dry and medium-bodied with a soft, fruity palate of plums and red berries. A spicy aroma, accented with light oak, leads a rich, smooth and mouth-filling flavor experience.
  • Big Red - Luna Rossa® -This bold, robust, mouth-filling delight designed to bebolder than a Cabernet. For some it is indeed the "king" of all red wines.
  • Belle Prairie Rouge - Australian Cabernet Sauvignon - Deep, full-bodied wine with intense aroma and flavor.
  • Rockland Rouge - Lodi Olde Vine Zinfandel - Deep and rich with bold, zesty aromas and ripe berry fruit flavor. Robust and exciting, it bursts with a spiciness that is met head on by the premium French oak
  • Patriot  - Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot - Popular blend that combines plump,fruity Merlot grapes with robust flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • G’Day - Australian Shiraz - Wonderfully delicious, with startling rich, ripe aromas that deliver right through to the full, zesty finish.
  • Warrior - Chianti - This blend is famous for its full, dry character and elegant flavors of cherries and blackberries.
  • Feliz Dave - Italian Sangiovese - lively fruit and good acidity make it food-friendly of all reds, pairing well with pasta, veal, intensely flavored cheeses, and fruits like cherries, figs, plums and raspberries.
  • De Seda Alise -  Chilean Pinot Noir - A bright ruby color with delicate aromas of red berry flavors. The mouthfeel is very elegant with soft tannins & a subtle oak finish.
Alcohol Range: 11-13% by Volume
  • Crusader -  Chardonnay (oaked) - The "Big White". Chardonnays, solid blend of buttery oak and full, robust fruits, including peaches, bananas - rich, smooth  mouth feel.
  • Golden Eagle - Chardonnay (unoaked) – tropical citrus aromas and flavors. Un-dimmed by oak. Rich, round feel lingers to a long, crisp finish of the fruit quality.
  • George's Delight - Riesling - Delicate yet complex pronounced ripeness while retaining acidity; fantastic floral aromas and flavors of peach and apricot.
  • Riverbend - Müller-Thurgau - crisp and clean, with a grapey fruit character, low to medium acidity, and a pleasantly fragrant aroma. Vibrant flavors of crunchy
    green apples are imparted in its floral residual sweetness.
  • Summer Breeze - Italian Pinot Grigio - Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavors include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds.
  • Sweet Memories -  Moscato - With succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors, there's lots to love about this California Moscato.
  • Tres Ciudades - California Blend - A unique blend that combines lemon and grapefruit aromas with rounded fruit, redolent of melons and fresh figs to round out this crisp refreshing medium-bodied white. 
  • Maiden's Milk - Liebfraumilch - A perfect marriage of sweetness with a slightly dry finish and a floral bouquet.
Alcohol Range: 11-13% by Volume
  • Fascination - Pink Moscato -  This pairs well with appetizers and desserts.  It has flavors of sweet apples and grapes with aromas of pear and orange blossoms.
  • Paradise Blush - White Zinfandel - This blush favorite has the trademark pink hues and a soft, refreshing taste.
  • Midnight Magic - White Merlot - Medium pink wine with luscious berry flavors and aromas with a crisp finish.
Alcohol Range: 11-13% by Volume
  • Cocina Rafael -  Classic Margarita taste in a wine-based drink; fresh berry flavor balanced deliciously between tart lime, sweet orange. Frozen, on the rocks, with or without salt -- it's delicious anyway it's served. Not Rafael’s but close.
  • Festivale - Strawberry Margarita – Similar to its tequila cousin but made with white wine. Flavors are added to make it a perfect summery drink: fruity, with fresh berry
    flavor balanced deliciously between tart lime sweet orange and juicy strawberry.
  • Southern Breezes - Mint Mojito - Spanish for "a little wet", this was a favorite
    drink of Ernest Hemingway. It combines flavors of crisp lime, aromatic mint perfectly for the patio and sultry summer nights or to remember those nights again.
Alcohol Range: 7½ - 9% by Volume
R = Red Wine   W = White Wine   Ré =Rosé Wine
  • Blackbird - Blackberry Cabernet – Combination of blackberries so appealing it's a perfect complement to the robust and lively flavors of a Cabernet. R
  • Black Magic - Black Cherry Pinot Noir – characters of Pinot Noir – Fresh red berries pairs with the luscious black cherries. R
  • Blue Boy - Blueberry Pinot Noir – A mix of Blueberries that are tangy but sweet and Pinot Noir that is a medium bodied red with cherry and spice flavors. R
  • Castle Red - Cranberry Malbec –Combining the mouthwatering juiciness of North American cranberry with the plum, black currant and sweet cherry of Argentinean Malbec; luscious and perfectly balanced for sweetness R
  • Celebration - Raspberry Peach Sangria – Sweet, ripe raspberries mix with juicy peach undertones for the perfect summer sangria: fruity, refreshing & easy drinking. R
  • Draco Roseus - Raspberry Dragonfruit White Shiraz – some fire of excitement with the addition of sweet dragonfruit and gently splashed with raspberries.  Great with some spicy shrimp skewers or Thai green curry cuisine for a night of fire. Ré
  • Enchanted - Kiwi-Pear Sauvignon - Tart and delightfully fruity with a luscious combination of kiwi, pineapple and banana flavors which meld beautifully into rich pear. W
  • Hawaiian Luau - Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio - Juicy sweet pears,succulent, ripe pineapple, and a bright and flowery fragrance. Acidity of the Pinot Grigio gives it mouth watering juiciness and a refreshing finish. W
  • Island Dreams - Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel - Great pairing of wine and a host of luscious fruits including blackberry, strawberry, passion fruit and black currant. Ré
  • Jays - Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris - Flavored with coconut water ad has a tropical spash of Yuzu and hint of lime.  Yuzu (pronouned YOO-zoo) is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit.  The sourness and acidity plays well against the coconut notes and the Pinot Gris.  W
  • Martha’s Magic - Peach-Apricot Chardonnay – Chardonnay with a subtle dryness and perfectly balanced acidity, with hints of citrus & fruit flavors W
  • Mystique - Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz - has candied strawberry and watermelon aromas; light body, and medium sweet flavor of refreshing strawberry and watermelon. Re'
  • Norbert - Wildberry Shiraz - A special combination of wild field berries is blended with the delicious, big red Shiraz to create a wonderfully fruity treat. R
  • Pinkie - Strawberry White Merlot – A White Merlot with natural strawberry flavor weaves in a pleasant sweetness for a wonderful and delicious sensation. Ré
  • Redbird -  Pomegranate Zinfandel – Pomegranate's earthy, rich juice balances with Zinfandel's spicy, robust grapes creating a delicate slightly spicy sweetness; very unique on the first sip and leaves you wanting more. R
  • River Valley Mist - Cucumber Melon Sauvignon Blanc - The aroma is fresh and fragrant like your favorite Sauvignon Blanc.  Light and fruit, the sweet notes of the melon are the perfect complement to the clean crisp cucumber.  Easy drinking for any season.  W
  • San Roman Special -  Sangria Zinfandel Blush- sweet and easy-drinking wine; a medley of seasonal fruits that can now be enjoyed year round. Your nose will be enlightened by scents of orange, lemon, and lime that will marry with cherries on your tongue to create a sensational sipper that balances sweet and citrus flavors. Ré
  • Seduction - Black Raspberry Merlot - Aroma and flavors of freshly-picked, ripe raspberries merge with the lush richness of berries and fruit that naturally burst from the Merlot. R
  • Shamrock - Green Apple Riesling - Crisp, crunchy green apple flavor; a pleasant initial tartness, followed by a juicy finish. W
  • Si Tambien - Blood Orange Sangria - A red wine with some sweetness and citrusy flavors, notes of orange, ripe peach blends with undertones of crisp apple.  It's fruit and refreshing and easy drinking.  Perfect for anytime!  R
  • Tinminut - Strawberry Lychee Traminer - Sweet and tangy lychee fruit complements the exotic Traminer, while ripe strawberries add an interesting twist to the experience. Asian and Szechwan spiced foods - ‘WOW’ W
  • Tropical Splash - Mango-Citrus Symphony - ripe mango and crisp citrus combined with grapefruit, peach, banana, papaya aromas of the Symphony grape. W
  • Valley Harvest - Apple Berry Syrah - Aromatic and fresh, mouthwatering flavors of juicy apple, succulent strawberry, plum blueberries and ripe raspberries will give you that fresh-from-the-fruit-stand feeling all year long.  Slightly chilled or enjoy with sparkling water for a refreshing spritzer that's always in season.  R
  • White Surprise - White Cranberry Pinot Gris – Somewhat less tart than regular cranberry juice due to an earlier harvest. It just bursts with sweetness. W
Alcohol Range: 15-17% by Volume
  • Autumn's Eve - Chocolate Orange Red Dessert - with rich aromas and intense flavors, has bittersweet aromas of coffee and vanilla, accented with notes of chocolate and tangy citrus, toasty hints of oak for a smooth and unique finish. 
  • Holiday Delight - Chocolate Raspberry Red dessert wine – bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas, has character of warm, rounded cherry and plum, with a racy zing of bright raspberry; gently tart with luscious liquid chocolate, then the smell of coffee and vanilla and toasty hints of oak for a rich finish.
  • Midnight Harbor -  Blackberry Red Dessert – Blackberry aromas that are deep and  richly fruity make it an excellent foil for  broad richness. Superb for intense cheeses, roasted nuts and chocolate desserts.
  • Magical Dream - Riesling Ice Wine Style - Prized as a unique sweet wine specialty, our Ice-wine will surprise you with its body and complexity.
  • Sunrise Flash - Peach Ice Wine Style - Okanagan Valley, B.C. - Allows grapes to ripen with notes of honey, apricot, and spice; floral notes and peach aromas.
  • Sunset Delight - Cabernet Franc Ice Style - Sweet and rich with salmon tints, flavors of ripe currants, spice, honey, strawberry, tart rhubarb and cranberry.