Enjoy a great “cuppa” tea or coffee anytime. Specialty loose-leaf teas and gourmet coffee
will make this an experience to remember. Enjoy a freshly made light repast with your beverage of choice. Coffee and tea offerings do change from time to time. Afternoon teas are available by reserving several days ahead in order to provide you with a special menu and fresh ingredients.
We are proud to introduce a new line of teas to Unicorn Wine Guild.  Our new purveyor is Storehouse Tea from Cleveland.  The teas are carefully sources and hand crafted fro fresh, organic whole loose leaf teas and ingredients from local and international farmers who follow sustainable practices.  Our current selection of organic, fair trade teas include:

Black - English Breakfast - Our traditional English Breakfast is anything but standard fare it's a bold single estate Assam tea from India, rich and full bodied, great for early mornings but delicious all day long and great as hot beverage or as a cold refreshing iced tea.

Black - Earl Grey - Organic Earl Grey is a classic British black tea infused with flavorful  and delicious natural Bergamot (Citrus) flavor. Our tea is so flavorful you've never experienced an Earl Grey like this, a breakfast favorite but excellent all day long.

Black - Indian Masala Chai - A robust and classic full flavored black tea blended with traditional whole Indian Masala spices, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove, this tea is bold and stimulating. Masala Chai should be brewed strong and served sweet with milk when hot or pour it over ice as a chilled Chai tea latte.

Black - Vanilla Bean - Our exquisite blend of rich black tea and world class organic orchid grown vanilla bean is smooth, naturally sweet, aromatic and comforting. Wonderful at Breakfast or any time of day to satisfy your sweet tooth, best served hot or chilled as an iced tea latte.

Rooibos - Tropical Fruit - Combines natural exotic tropical fruit flavors with caffeine free, Fair Trade red and green rooibos makes this infusion deliciously refreshing and rich in anti-oxidants. Excellent iced.

As we can, we will expand our line of these wonderful teas.